I am  a coffee lover.

I am a dancer, a hiker and a wife.

I am a photographer.


I have been a photographer for the past 10


I explored  it. 

I studied it.  

I LOVED it!  

Now… I’m living it. And I cannot imagine

 myself doing anything else.

I am constantly learning new things to better

 myself and my work. I have experience in a

 number of photographic fields, which 

includes Weddings, Matric farewells 

Functions Events, Portraits, Jewelry, 

Products, Architecture, Real Estate, 

Newborns, The list goes on…

I have worked with a couple of known

 photographers. I worked with

 companies such as, Discovery,

 Santam, Mulitchoice, AEL, Autotrader 

and a couple more.  


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